Mud Scrape

Sometimes, riding your bike is about putting in long miles and pushing yourself to the limit and sometimes it’s about getting out in the mud, riding slow, and having fun. That’s what the last two rainy days of riding were about: good, unclean fun. As a newcomer to Nashville, every road and bike path is a unique experience. I am from south-central Indiana and there was plenty of good riding there, but to access it I had to escape the confines of the city. I’m amazed at how available good riding is within the Nashville city limits. A couple of turns away from any major road there seems to be a park with a cool pathway or a wooded area with some down logs to play on or some water to splash through.

I was on a new bike – the All City Macho Man – and was happy to find opportunities to push its limits, or as close to them as I could manage. Monday, we rode through fields of grass and thorns, under some low-hanging branches and found ourselves on some open roads to test our legs. After we wore the dog out, we took it slow back to the cars, hopped around a playground a little and called it a day. Tuesday, following a half hour of deliberation, we chose to ride in spite of the spitting rain. We decided the best course of action was to take the long way to a favorite breakfast spot. We found some more off-roading to do and added some stairs and short stone walls to the mix. For fear of not earning our breakfast, we snaked up and down any steep, muddy, off camber hills we could find. Needless to say, breakfast hit the spot.

Kurt Vonnegut wrote, “I tell you, we are on Earth to fart around and don’t let anybody tell you different.” There are few things more fun than taking some bikes, a dog, a few wrong turns and just fartin’ around with some friends in the mud.

Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker

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