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Tour de Nash Prep Workshop - Halcyon Bike Shop

DESCRIPTION Are you riding in the 13th annual Tour de Nash this May? Halcyon Bike Shop is hosting this free workshop is specially designed to ensure you are ready to go by May 20, whether this is your 13th Tour or your very first. Topics will include: 2016 Tour Overview History of the Tour de Nash 2016 Route Overviews: which is right for you Enroute support What to wear and bring with you Riding Safe Group…

Custom All-City Nature Boy

55cm steel single-speed stealth bomber. This bike is set up help you dive down fire roads like a white-throated needletail (which reach speeds of 170 km/h!). Formerly owned by a Halcyon mechanic, the setup is deluxe: Paul cranks and mini moto direct pull brakes, Thompson seatpost and stem, Chris King headset, Brooks cambium saddle, Compass Steilacoom knobby tires...uff da!

Originally purple, the former owner stripped the paint and clear coated the bare steel for that post-apocalyptic look that makes all the dogs howl. We'd be happy to help you do something similarly spiffy with your ride - just ask.

Katakura Silk Touring Bike

57 cm custom made steel frame, crafted in Japan in the 80's. For real, this bike rides like a dream. Its former owner once rode it up to the top of a holy mountain to meet with some monks. Or so she says. Not that we doubt her. Whatever the case: if there was one bike to ride in style to the top of a mountain in Japan, this is it.

Most parts are original, but we did switch out the brake levers, gave it some extra-comfy Rivendell "Ruffy Tuffy" tires, and added some classy Newbaum's cloth bar tape. It comes with or without the Brooks cambium saddle seen in the picture. We'd recommend you keep it, but hey: it's